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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Feedback on Other Works

Pet Places By Eli

First of all , I think Eli deserved applause for going out first and calming our nerves.I found his presenation quite interesting.I still remmember the first time i saw his topic pet places.I was curious that how he would find information about pets and new media .It was quite amazing that now social networking sites are not only limited to humans.Now , pets have also joined the league.I had never knew about this sort of websites.It was great to see how Eli demonsrated with facts and material.In future, if i am considering having a pet.I will use a pet social networking sites to figure out.What are advantges and disadvantages of having pets of certain kind.The way Eli described was very realxed and calm manner.It was very easier to understand the material on the slides.And , he finshed the slides on accurate time.Good Job ! Eli

Music in New Media By David Fang

David did an exellent job presenting new media in music.The way he delivered the presentation was quite professional.He looked more like a professor than student.He was very clear cut in his explanination.It was very unique to understand that the music in media relates back to the 18 century.It was very informative for the class to learn the history of audio recording devices and the pictures.It was truly one of the best presentation of all time , i have seen.Though, the topic was very specific.It was not an easy task to relate to new media in music.David did an excellent job.In the end, the way David demostarted making a live mashup on the system gave us a good overview what composers do in the recording lab.

Summary of presentation

Topic : New Media in Our life
Date : December 4th , 2008
Summary of the Presentation:

New Media in every day
We use new media every day in our life.There are diffrent ways which we utilize new media .It can be on any platform i.e Internet,Communication tools and Electronic Devices.We use internet as a primary source for media.For examples we use blogs, wikis , search engines, email on daily bases.We use communication tools to communicate world wide.For example virtual networking, social networking and instant messaging.We use new media devices almost every day.For instance, we use ipod and iphones every day.It could be any other brand too.

New Media in our Life Pros /Cons
It has given us more freedom and power of usage.There is faster communication ways to connect with others.We have more soultions avaible to issues and problems.Most of the new media avaible is free of cost.we can use them from anywhere at any time.

If we have ways to pay bill online instantly.Then we also need to worry about cyber crime.Cyber crime is on rise.People can steal our personal information and use it for any puropse.Then , we have companies uses all sort of spaming and popups to sell their products.It has became unsafe for children to use it.

Facts about New Media

There are lots of stuff happening in new media and we cannot even easily keep track of it.For example, there are almost 1.5 million blog post per day world wide.Every second 17 new posts are made.Similarly, Youtube , its users upload 13 hours of videos within a minute worldwide.It will take 412 years a person to watch all the videos on youtube.Last Cyber monday, almost 34 million people went online for shopping.They all spent almost $ 846 Million on monday.

There is lots of stuff avaiable out there.We are indeed very luky to be in part of our lives when the new media is vastly growing.A decade ago these tools were very limited.We should benefit from all the resources and utlitize it to make our life easier.

First, i was just going to discuss about the pros and cons of the new media.Basically,just the impact of new media in our life.But when i found out that someone has the almost the same topic.Then i chose narrower topics towards my presenation.I just gave a little overview of new media how it relates in our life.It was important me to first discuss the mediums of new media.Then , i wanted to provide some examples how and what kind of media we use daily.Then , i had to provide some pros and cons of the new media.To support the claim that new media is effecting our life either in a positive or negative way.Then i used some facts and stats from a number of research companies to demonstrate how people are using new media every day.The most entertaining part of presentaion is showing other people how to use new forms of website.I think it is a very good idea that people share videos and direct us to websites to support their presentation.This way audience get a clear cut understanding of new media.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

New Type of media

I have lots of options for the new media. I would recommend something for new media on internet. Since, these day internet is the primary source of new media. It will be a website. A new form or website of media. It will not be like wiki, blogs, social networking or anything like that. You will not write stuff or add images or videos in this type of website. It will be very different from other media we currently have online. It will link and connect you from all others form of the media. 

We use user name and passwords for so many different accounts. For example, we have wiki, blogs, email, you tube, my space and many other accounts. All of these require username and passwords .It is not in the capacity of a human brain to memorize all these user names and passwords. There are many occasions when we can’t remember our user name or passwords. This was the old way .The new way is my media way. We will not need to memorize or store our passwords in diaries anymore

There will be a website. You create an account user name and password. Just don’t forget this username and password and you are allowed to forget about information about your other accounts e.g. Yahoo, You tube.

On this page you can add an account .Add user name password of Yahoo orAdd user name and password for My spaceKeep adding all of your accounts.Once you are on this page after login in, you can just click other accounts and it will automatically sign you in you tube, yahoo or other accounts.

Basically this website will save your password on a page which will have your account information. If your pc and browsers can save password for websites then why can’t a website directly store it. It will make life easier for us. Trust me many times; we can’t remember our blogs or email accounts information. 

The bad side about it is , that you have all of your accounts .If someone can get to this page , then you can lose all of your accounts. Keeping that in mind there would be strict kind of passwords so that no one can easily get it. In addition, there would be a security code to even enter the site. Then you will be able to enter into your page to provide your user name and password.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Old media vs New Media


Old media is something which may be totally outdated or still part of the society. Every media which is currently new will become old media after a certain period of time. For instance, in 1960 walkman (cassette player) was a new form of media but now they are a history. Here are some example of the media which has become old

Some people might use a dictionary book to lookup words but it is not as it used to be.

If you are driving then you are least likely to carry a map with you.

Floppy Diskettes
Chances are you have used floppy which were very slow and unreliable but you will not be using them anymore.

Old style Television are gone now. You will rarely see big box of TV at your home now.

Compact Disc
I would say Cds are also somewhat old media or close to be part of old media. The decline in Compact Disc sales reveal the story.

Numeric Pad
Using numeric keys on cell phone is a old media but it is still widely used because of high cost of latest technology.

Modem, keyboard and Mouse with wires are part of old media.

Old Media


Old Map

Floppy Storage Device

Old Style Tv


New Media is something which is a current part of the society. And we interact and deal with it almost every day. As discussed above Walkman is an old media and the media is IPOD. That is the latest form of media. Some of the new media is described below:

Blue Ray Technology
I would say blue ray player and discs are new media. It is still very new to some people.

I would say GPS technology is a new media. Every new car is equipped with this technology.

Touch screen
This technology is widely use on cell phones and GPS is a new media.

Wireless technology
Whether it connects you via internet or devices to your laptop it is a form of new media.

Flash Drives
Flash drives is a new media and very fast and reliable. They have become a part of our daily cyber life.
Hybrid PC
I would include dell hybrid pc in the category of new media. It came out this year.

Online Dictionary
I would say online dictionary is a new media which students widely use.

New Media:
Online Dictionary

GPS Tracking Device

Flash Storage Device

Flat TV

Advice to Baruch College

This Blog Post sounds more like a fun assignment. If ever in the world I was hired by Baruch College; I would make a number of changes for the students. Being a student of the college gives me experience about the needs and requirements of students. New media is very important and it is very essential for our students to be on top of it. Since, our college belongs to New York City. We should always be the first one to introduce a new format of media or communication. I am very glad that I have used new media for 2 of my courses. One for this course and for my English 2800 class. I have a blog setup and everyone is required to post blogs. It is very convenient for us to upload stuff online and getting feedback from professor and class mate’s directly. Bringing classes online by using technology enhances students and professors ability to keep up to date.

These are the steps I would take or suggest to Baruch media team.

Baruch User:

First of all I would merge CUNY portal, email and Baruch user name into one account. For example you would just need to provide your Baruch user name e.g. Ya923022 and password. Then you will have option to go to the following links.

o Blackboard
o Esims
o CUNY portal
o Baruch Email

It will eliminate the hassle of managing multiple accounts for all the soures we use for our college. We will just one account to login to all the computers and online sources.


Blackboard is an important tool but the layout looks like of a one like 1985 web page. The blackboard will have a complete new over view. It will have better and faster working links. With easier options to communicate and browse pages. I will prefer blackboard page in flash so it’s easy and fast. The graphic layout if flash is quite easy and friendly to use.

Social Networking:

The last and most important suggestion I would recommend is a social networking plan. I hope it becomes into a reality. There should be a social networking website for Baruch College. It will be on a new web address e.g.

All the students would just use the same Baruch user name to log in to website.
Students will be able to interact with all other students and professors in the college. Moreover, there would be a forum for students. Students would post problem or questions about the registration classes or what ever is required. Other students will answer it and provide feedback or suggestion. Our seniors would lead our juniors and same way juniors would guide sophomores and freshman. It will become very easy for college and students to interact online. And there should be a panel of experts just reviewing the post and helping students if needed. There will be sections for new students. They can learn about the places and courses and make friend even before entering the college .It is just not the student who will benefit from this website, also, the faculty and all the workers at College would have access to this network page. Every one will have their own personal page and they can make add their whole class and the professor would be the moderator of that section. We will all move electronic, all the notes, announcements and documents would be online. In simple words, it will be fun educational community.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Effects of new media

New media has changed everything from watching videos online to paying bills. There are number of technologies which have emerged due to new media. For example, we have online banking which makes it easier for us to pay bills online. We can manage our credit, banks and business accounts from anywhere. In the same way, e commerce has flourished like hot cakes over the internet. People are buying merchandise online more than ever. Just by sitting home we can order almost anything from car to coffees. Now, we can watch videos on websites like You tube. We can cover up the whole world just at some clicks on you tube from sports to tourism. Then we have social networking industry which is booming big time on websites like face book and My space. Connecting people from one place to other without even looking each other physically. Similarly, we have virtual world’s connecting specific employers or clients from one place to other.

All these diffrent forms of new media has changed the pattern of our life styles.Now people spend more time over internet utilizing this various sources of new media.According to Youtube on an average bases a user atleast spends 17 minutes on youtube.Years ago , we were not spending this time on this sort of stuff.The system has gotten very speedy and fast.People life is easier due to the spread of new media and technology.It has created jobs for many people and some people are forced out of jobs.Every passing minute new media is opening a new chapter in our society.